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June 5, 2019 Deals
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At Vacations Away, we feel strongly that any time you book a trip – part of that booking should be a Travel Insurance policy.

Once your vacation or flight is booked, they are typically non-refundable. Now with the advent of “basic economy” flights, changes can’t be made, even for a fee. These are highly restrictive airfares and the only way to protect your investment, is to purchase travel insurance.

Let me highlight the most comprehensive policy we can offer you through Manulife:

Premium Protection Plan is a relatively new plan that was introduced in November of 2017. This insurance is only available through travel agents, and must be purchased within 72 hours of making your booking – after 72 hours have elapsed, this insurance is off the table. Why you ask? Well, here are the inclusions:

– For those up to age 74 (at time of purchase)
– For travel up to 30 days
– $10,000,000 medical coverage in destination (with no medical questionnaire required)
– Flight & travel accident
– Loss/damage/delay of baggage
– Interruption
– Cancellation for anything unexpected (plus cancel for any reason to get up to 75% back)

All those benefits are great, but the real kicker comes with the cancellation benefit. Normally with travel insurance, you can only cancel for medical reasons that are not pre-existing. Now, with Premium Protection Plan, if it’s unexpected – you can cancel. Basement flooded? You can cancel. Dog gets sick? You can cancel. Destination wedding couple has broken up? You can cancel. If you didn’t see it coming, it’s covered. Plus, that cancel for any reason benefit. Say you and your fiance have booked a trip for 3 months from now, she’s pregnant but only just at 7 weeks. 2 months down the line, you’re 1 month away from your trip, and you start to get concerned about traveling while pregnant. Well, you can still cancel and get 75% of your vacation package back. Pretty great for peace of mind, isn’t it?

Interruption, that’s huge too. People often say “I don’t need that, I’m going no matter what!” Well, are you sure? What about this past winter when the United States government was on shut down, so all the airports in New York shut down as well? People in Toronto waiting for their flights to NYC were stranded. This is when that Interruption insurance kicks in. This insurance will pay for accommodation while you wait to get to destination. Plus, it also covers meals and entertainment. All of this is covered, a nice hotel plus meals and a movie if you wish…instead of spending hours and hours waiting in the airport with nowhere to get comfortable. Let’s say for a moment you’re on your way to the airport. Driving from Warman to Saskatoon, for example. Well, it’s January 20th and there’s a snow storm, you hit the ditch and you’ll be there for a while, waiting for a tow truck. You miss your flight. Well, interruption insurance will help get you on the next flight to Puerto Vallarta, they’ll reimburse you for days lost if you miss a couple days trying to get there.

Either of those benefits are reason enough for me to want to protect my investment (I have been through both situations). Not to mention the other benefits included!

Can you really afford to walk from your deposit? Or even the full package price? Are you ok with missing out on your vacation AND your money?

If not, protect your investment with Manulife’s Premium Protection Plan.