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Marian’s South East Asian extravaganza!!

March 24, 2017 Tags: , , , , Deals
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Marian recently had the privilege of escorting a group of 24 to Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Their travels took them from Bangkok to Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai in Thailand; to the beautifully chaotic city of Ho Chi Minh (still called Saigon locally); then on a wonderfully relaxing river cruise up the Mekong River in Cambodia to Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. We flew back into Vietnam and headed north from Hoi An to Hue and Hanoi, finishing up with a must-do overnight boat cruise on Halong Bay.

As Marian said, “I was not sure what to expect, but all three countries fascinated me with their beauty, chaos, friendly smiles and innovations…gigantic tombs built for their emperors; the jumble of electrical wires that leave you speechless; the clever ways the Viet Kong eluded capture by creating backward facing sandals and the many miles of tunnels at Cu Chi that hid them from the enemy above; the depressingly sad killing fields of Cambodia; and the Vietnam veteran who some 40 years late still teared up when talking about the lasting effects of the Vietnam war on his people….but beyond the horrors of war are the people… kind, friendly and so willing to say ‘hello’, likely the only English word they know but are eager to use. A destination worthy of a visit!”


RIDER PRIDE at Angkor Wat!

Thailand on a Shoestring

September 3, 2013 Tags: , Deals
16 days – Bangkok to Bangkok

Experience the bustling streets of Bangkok, explore colourful Chiang Mai, trek on foot and by elephant through the jungle, overnight in remote hilltribe villages, float down …a river on a bamboo raft, enjoy the island beaches of Koh Samui and Koh Tao.

Airfare from $1347.00 taxes in / tour $1449.00 taxes in = $2800.00 TOTAL!!

Perfect for those looking to experience northern Thailand’s cultural treasures and the natural beauty of its southern islands. This 16-day trip will help you get off the beaten path with a trek to the region’s hilltribes but remains flexible enough to suit all tastes. From the lush hills of the north, stitched through with the diverse colours of its hilltribes, to the soft sands of the south and the glorious chaos of Bangkok, Thailand will leave you captivated.

What’s Included
– Visit to Chiang Mai night market. Hilltribe trek. Indigenous village stay.
– Elephant ride and bamboo rafting.
– Multiple beaches to lounge on.
– Street food crawl.
– 4 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 dinners.
– Simple hotels/bungalows (9 nts), basic hilltribe huts (2 nts, multi-share), sleeper trains (4 nts).
– Local bus, train, elephant, walking, boat.
– Chief Experience Officer (CEO) throughout, trekking staff.
– Small group experience; Max 16, avg 10.

Is Thailand on “your list”?

July 2, 2013 Tags: Deals

If so, we have a deal for you!!
Saskatoon to Bangkok
September travel
$670.00 CAD plus taxes (approx. $480.00 CAD)
Plus we’ve been there! So we’d be happy to help you out with hotel and other attractions!