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Explore Canada in 2019!

March 27, 2019 Deals
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From sea to shining sea, Canada has every kind of vacation you could ask for. Beaches in BC, sacred Indigenous lands, adventure trips with dog sled transport, French flair in Quebec, literary masterpieces in Charlottetown, tranquil island cruises, sports/hunting/fishing excursions and that’s just barely scratching the surface.

At Vacations Away, we feel strongly that each and every person should take the opportunity to see what’s right here, in our own back yard. Desta has traveled extensively through BC, Dar took a family self drive to Newfoundland, Becky knows every corner of Alberta almost, Michelle Nogier spent plenty of time exploring the Niagara region with Marian and the rest is on our list!

Anderson Vacations, a Canadian company currently celebrating 25 years in business, offers the gamut. Escorted tours, self drive packages, custom tailor made options, tundra tours to Churchill, Haida Gwaii experiences with local elders, culture walks in Saskatoon and Regina and so much more.

Trafalgar & Globus offer high end and modest tour options throughout the country, often in combination with stops across the border to the south.

Taking an Alaska cruise? Tack on an extension through the Yukon and Northwest Territories!

Feeling super adventuresome? Sign up for an expedition to the high Arctic!

In Canada, the options are endless. And best of all – you don’t need a passport!