Month May 2017

Month May 2017

The Benefit of Travel Insurance

May 24, 2017 Deals
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At Vacations Away, we are strong advocates of protecting your investment with the purchase of a reputable travel insurance. Travel insurance has numerous benefits that are here for you.

Firstly, and maybe most importantly, medical coverage while in destination. Sure, you’re healthy with no pre-existing conditions and plan to have a great time in Hawaii. One day you decide to go hiking to the waterfalls and unexpectedly – you fall and break your arm. Now what? You call your travel insurance provider, they get you to a modern, fully accredited hospital, they pay for all your medical care (x-rays, surgery, pain medication, possibly an overnight stay in the hospital, etc.) Yes, this is all covered by insurance. In the United States, all the costs associated with a broken arm can climb well over $16,000 USD!

Imagine paying that out of pocket. Yikes.

Or, maybe (heaven forbid) you suffer a stroke mid-flight. Now, the plane is diverted to get you to the closest medical facility in a destination where English is not the first language. The pilot contacts air traffic control who relays your situation to the airport. The airport alerts the medical team who are waiting for you on the tarmac when you land. They whisk you off to the hospital for tests, surgery, top notch care, and likely a hospital stay.

What’s this? You don’t speak Spanish or Icelandic? Don’t worry, because Manulife’s Assured Assistance sure does! They have medical professionals on staff 24/7/365 who speak multiple languages and interact with the local team to provide you the best care possible. That’s all covered by your travel insurance.

And that’s just medical coverage! What about travel interruption insurance?

You’re en route to London and a major storm grounds all flights at Toronto’s Pearson International airport. There’s no word of when you’ll get out of Toronto. The airline can’t control the weather, can they? This has nothing to do with them. “What do we do?!” you say. Travel insurance saves the day again! Just call them, and they’ll put you up in hotel until the airline can get you out, they’ll feed you, they’ll even pay for entertainment in Toronto while you’re there. How awesome is that??

What’s that? You’ve missed two days in London? Travel insurance will reimburse you for days lost of your vacation!

Uh oh, now you’ve arrived in London but your bags never showed up. Bam! Travel insurance again. After just 10 hours of baggage delay, you can go out and shop for the essentials, but keep your receipt, ’cause travel insurance is gonna reimburse you for those out of pocket expenses! (Don’t get crazy, no new iPad’s today. Sorry, folks).

Maybe you were taking a cruise out of Dover, travel insurance will help you catch up to the ship. All at no cost to you!

Let’s be real. Nobody books a trip planning to cancel 3 weeks prior to departure, but it happens. In the fine print, it states from all airlines and tour operators, that unless an applicable fare type is booked (i.e. business or first class, usually), what you’ve booked is 100% absolutely non-refundable. Sometimes you’ll get a credit from an airline for an air only ticket, but package bookings are a loss of funds. Travel insurance can help you in this event, too. They’ll reimburse you the cost of your package if you’re cancelling for medical reasons that are not pre-existing, there are other policies that WILL reimburse you even if your condition was pre-existing, and even better, and there are still other policies available to reimburse you no questions asked, for any reason at all!

Say you don’t take the insurance. Are you willing to walk away from that $6,000 Hawaiian vacation if you need to cancel? Are you in a position in your life that $6000 is no big deal to lose? Or that $12,000 European coach tour? Do you have $20,000 sitting in the bank to pay for a broken arm? If not, we strongly urge you to take the coverage that best suits your needs. Each policy is reviewed on a case by case situation, so please talk to us so we can help you to protect yourself!

Some people think “I’ve never had trouble on past trips”. Well that’s great! But this is a new day. So you bought the insurance and didn’t have to use it? That’s awesome! That means you had a stress free wonderful holiday. That one time you will need to make a claim with your travel insurance provider, the costs covered will be invaluable and will out measure any premiums you may have paid in the past.

Travel insurance is worth every penny. 

Say it again!!

Travel. Insurance. Is. Worth. Every. Penny. 

Las Vegas deal!

May 9, 2017 Deals

Head down to viva Las Vegas with this killer pricing!

July 9 – 13, flights from Saskatoon

Ballys – $481.60
Flamingo – $491.89
The Linq – $536.64
Planet Hollywood – $560.21
Cosmopolitan – $603.97

All prices are per person, tax included and based on double occupancy for flight & hotel. Rates are subject to change and availability. Call us today to book your space! Many other resort choices available!

Vacations Away Exclusive!

May 4, 2017 Deals
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Group pricing ONLY at Vacations Away!

**January 20 – 27, 2018**
– Direct flights from Saskatoon to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
– All inclusive accommodation at the Las Palmas By The Sea Resort
– Priced at $1438 per person, tax included for an ocean view room!

Price based on double occupancy.
Subject to availability, call us at 306-477-7460 to book your spot!